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An honest review of the EFT cheat [update-Feb 20]


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Update May 11: Undetected.


Update Feb 20: Still no ban. Use with confidence (but also common sense)

Full disclosure: I have been using this cheat and a competitors for the past few weeks, these are my experiences. I will not be naming the competitor because it's rude and probably breaks a forum rule.
I have not been offered anything by either company to post this review.

If you want the TLDR, scroll down and read the customer service portion, it's the most important part of this review.

Some brief info on my PC:
Memory 32 gigs  DDR4

I own 3 EFT accounts; 2 are EOD, one is the base package. 
One account is used with Chod's, one is with the competitors, and the final is for vanilla gaming only.

Before buying Chod's product I was detected twice when using the competitor's product and this (among other things I expand on later in this review) pushed me to look elsewhere for a cheat that would hopefully keep me off the radar. 
As of this review, I have not been detected on the account that I use Chod's product on.

Chod's is cheaper by a few dollars. That few dollars adds up after a few months of use.

Injection process
Competitor: You must load the game, alt-tab out (which causes problems for some EFT users, I am one of them), load the hack, inject at the main menu. That's irritating.

Chod's: Load the hack then run the game. Injection is quick and painless. This is the injection process that I am familiar with, as this is not the first cheat I've used in online gaming.  The fewer steps for the user the better.

Ease of use
In order for the competitor's cheat to run, I needed to kill some very beneficial processes, including OEM software that better optimized my GPU. Other things that could NOT be used during the use of their cheat was gaming software that was crucial to my keyboard and mouse. That's completely unsatisfactory.

Chod's: I run the cheat, it tells me to run the game. It just works.

I do not use aimbots, so I will not be comparing the two.

Competitor: Skeletons haven't' worked in weeks.  The NPC/Player indicators on the screen are too large (think lines) and the text is bolded, making a mess on my screen.  I see a pretty large dip in FPS.

Chod's: At the time of use, Skeletons work very well along with a line at their head indicating where the Scav/PMC was facing. Huge advantage and a very cool feature. Text and player/scav indicators are thin and crisp.  Little to no noticeable loss of framerate when using Chod's.

ESP Extracts
Plain and simple, Chod's lists and shows more extracts than the competitor's cheat.

No Recoil/No weapon sway/infinite ammo/etc
Competitor: These features are not offered.
Chod: They work extremely well. EXTREMELY well.

Infinite stamina/fast sprint
Competitor: Infinite stamina is offered, however an increase in player speed is not.
Chod's: Both are offered, and the increase in player movement speed is a huge advantage when chasing down runners. This is one of the features that really aids in completing in-game tasks.

Item 'pulling'
This option brings all lootable items in the raid to the player in a line in front of them.
Competitor: Large amounts of space in between items, this is a hassle when sifting through looking for quest items and/or 'rare' items in game. It's a hassle.

Chod's  Very little space between items if any at all. This is crucial on maps like Shoreline where there are a ton of items.  Chod's method makes it EXTREMELY easy to find what you want from what is available. This is one of the areas that the hack REALLY shines, in my opinion.  You are able to grab money and other crucial items very quickly and then get to killing players or just extracting.

Customer Support/Service
This is flat out the most important part of this review. 

Competitor: I needed help running the competitor's product and was met with impolite, borderline-rude responses.  My questions were met with smart-assed answers, always treating me like a dunce.  Instead of pointing me in the direction of a solution, the competitor's staff simply treated me like an idiot and blamed the issues on me.  Any suggestion/criticism of the product was met with indignance and more of the same rude behavior.  When players voiced concern over the possibility of cheat detection they were talked down and a a few threads were locked. 

Chod's:  I have had zero first hand experiences with Chod's support because their product has worked 100% of the time, sans being down for maintenance when significant game patches have hit.  Reading the shoutbox and the forums gave me a very good indicator of the attitude of the staff here; they are absolutely interested in making the customer happy and finding a solution for them if there is an issue. The help from Chod staff here is quick, knowledgeable and most importantly they don't come off as rude or inconvenienced by answering questions.  When players have offered suggestions or feedback here, Staff has taken the feedback and made changes.  The modification of the STEP feature is an excellent example of Chod's listening to their customers. I like this a lot.  When I saw users mentioning a concern over detection, they were told that it would be looked into and steps would be taken if necessary to maintain that the cheat was undetected. Managing customer expectations is a big deal for me--I used to work in customers service before I entered my career field.

TLDR Conclusion
Chod's is the clear winner here for me and I will be using their other products in the future.


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Added info on additional features that I used
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