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(EFT) My honest review of the cheat!


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Couple of days ago I got this cheat and I must say I am more then impressed!
I mostly use NO RECOIL, WALLHACK and AIMBOT but that doesn't mean I haven't tried other settings!

AIMBOT: 7/10 I have experienced some bugs with the aimbot when playing. Such as: It doesn't lock on sometimes, it locks but then unlocks etc. But this happens 0% of the time when I am playing and this cheats AIMBOT has saved my life many times.

WALLHACK: 8/10 Wallhack has some bugs when I try to zoom onto the enemy. I will try to explain it as best as possible. The WALLHACK doesn't automatically zoom its ESP onto the enemy when I go aiming with long range scopes. It moves the ESP towards you at first point and then it fixes and stays on the enemy.

ESP (loot etc.): 10/10 What to say about it. It gets the job done even better then it should.

NO RECOIL/NO SWAY/NO SPREAD: 8/10 When you activate the NO RECOIL option it will get the job done. Same goes for NO SPREAD option, but when I turn on NO SWAY option it seems that it only works when you are not aiming down sight. But once you go into ADS with these options it's GG for you :3 It still depends on what armor you are using.

MISC: 9/10 Haven't played much with MISC options but I did try some. It gets the job done. TELEPORT TO PLAYER option doesn't work apparently but I haven't tried it. Also the NO FLY option sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. Only tried it 3 times. Don't want to risk it.

FPS: 9/10 If you are using BITDEFENDER as your Anti-Virus, disable it. It will fix your FPS right away. Overall the FPS is the same as if I wasn't using a cheat.

CHEAT VISUAL: 10/10 It's very simple and I love it!

My final thoughts: Could use some work when it comes to FPS drops when using a cheat but overall this cheat is perfect for anyone who want's to do some dirty business inside Tarkov.

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