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My honest review

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Hello guys this is my honest review about the WW2 cheat 

AIMBOT 10/10
I personally think that this aimbot is the best aimbot I have ever used its so smooth snaps on to the enemy's so fast while shooting them the aimbot does not miss one bullet. also the legit aimbot is great as well ive used it a few times it looks alittle obvious at all but that's fine I guess. I have found no problems using this aimbot. Good job chods cheats team.


ESP works great no problems its very clean good job guys. I like how it gave you the option to do skeletons I personally had that on all the time to get them easy headshots when I was not using aimbot and the other features in ESP I had them all on and didn't get any fps lag or anything the game was running so smooth with them.

Chods-Cheats Menu 10/10
I Love a good menu when its nice and neat/clean it is very easy to use (noob friendly)

Zombies 8/10

I Loved the zombies features I got to prestige master in 5 days while the 2xp was on. I used god mode unlimited ammo no clip everything in the menu did find one problem though with unlimited ammo when you upgrade one off the pistols that shoots out explosive rounds and becomes akimbo 1 off the pistols have unlimited ammo and the other one don't. but everything else worked fine good job guys 

I wanna thank you all for reading my Honest Review about the WW2 cheat Thank you guys and Thank you to the coders much love to you all <3 

1 more thing is that anything who is looking for a ww2 cheat I will recommend this one and always will.


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