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Chod's Cheats - Escape from Tarkov [Aimbot/ESP/Speedhack]

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Recorded with Nvidia Shitplay on a GTX 960 2GB VRAM & an i5 4460.
Edited in Premiere Pro.

Music used
  • Lil Peep - The Brightside
  • Lil Peep - Save that shit
R.I.P Lil Peep </3

Sound from gun is so desynced in the end, and I have no idea why.
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9 minutes ago, vVKiritoVv said:

never figured it out, how'd you tp through the doors, which hack lets you do it?

I've managed it once on factory on customs office it didn't work for me.

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5 hours ago, Torpedo said:
5 hours ago, vVKiritoVv said:

if it's no clip it works albeit rarely, whenever i use it i end up getting lagged back to wherever i started

they implemented something that prevents you from glitching / noclipping trough doors especially quest rooms that are locked.
I've gotten it to work sometimes. If I move too much it moves me outside, but use noclip/fly to move.. If you're fast enough you can even open drawers.

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