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Aimbot 8/10
For what it is, its pretty decent. Hard to code an aimbot that can compensate for breathing and bullet drop, even if achievable.
Fov and smooth(speed) setting is good.
Biggest problem, aiming at friends is broken. sometimes it work, sometimes not. Should be fixed soon I hope.
My Use: Low Fov (1.5) High Smooth (Legit)

Suggestion: A silent aim with very low fov(1 degree) should be an option. would make the aimbot a monster on running targets and helps people who hates the stickyness of an aimbot.

ESP 9/10
Excellent, does as described
Should have an option to disable Boxes, watermark and FPS(havent found how to disable) other than Console.
Biggest problem, again, Friends.... highlight friend doesnt always work too, sometimes it highlights half my party, sometimes zero. Need a fix too.
Scopes also has a problem with the esp, probably being worked on.
My Use: Crosshair, No Box, Distance and skeleton on Players and bots. No loot esp.

Suggestion: More crosshair options (dot, circle). Glow ESP would be nice too (around the player).

Misc 9/10
Everything in here seems to works fine.
Teleport to exits seems bugged.
Menu is good and complete, but I personnaly prefer more lightweight and compact.
My Use: nothing.

Anti-Anti-Cheat ?/10
I think the only thing protecting the cheat is the signature being frequently changed.
Even if it doesn't seem to be detected for a long time, I think it would be fairly easy to catch it. EFT doesnt seem to use any anti-cheat for the moment but it's not a reason to just fuck around.
**I've been said its not "Stream-Proof" at all or anything else.**
I don't mind but it should be Screenshot proof. Screenshotting is the easiest way to detect Visual hacks like ESP.

Suggestion: make it screenshot proof by turning off visuals on screenshot events, or make the ESP external.

EDIT: Said to be screenshot proof. Going to test it when updated.

Support and Updates 8/10
Support seems fast on the forum and discord, theres always at least one guy with an answer, nothing to complain.
Buying and activating the cheat went smooth.
Updates are fast on weekdays... Seems like we have to wait until monday when it lands on the weekend but it seems like they add subscription time to compensate.

Suggestion: Get someone to help for weekends updates, people like to play on weekends. ETA on forums would also calm desperate people or new comers who always ask the same question.

Great cheat all in all, will keep subscribing as long as i play EFT. Some little things to fix here and here but it's kinda normal, this cheat is still young and the game is still in beta.
would recommand to anyone, seems like the better option on the market.

Suggestion: Try it.
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