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My EFT Review - Honest Opinion


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Aimbot: 7/10 - Reason why, at range when they are moving it is almost impossible to kill them due to the travel time, otherwise its good, but the friend system is bugged, i friend 1 person, then if i get into a new game with another friend it shows the previous game players. But when im close range and i need the extra help with aim, it is honestly the best, cant complain at close combat

ESP: 9/10 - Whenever you aimdown sights the esp gets moved and takes up your whole scope with boxes, otherwise it does what esp is used for and is great.

Misc 7/10 - Noclip/Fly is continuos buggy for me, once i go through a wall, i get clipped in it and can never get out, and i can never teleport to exit zones, teleporting to players is useless because i get teleported 50ft into the air above them and die of fall damage, speed hack is really great, infinite stamina is so good, and fast sprint is great,

Features 10/10 - The binding in the cheat is great, having so i can turn on certian features by holding down a button or pressing a button, is really great.

FPS 10/10 - I see other reviews saying the optimisation is bad, but its really great, i get no differ fps with the cheat on and off, so if you are worried, you wont get frame drops, well atleast i don't.

Detection 10/10 - I have been cheating for almost 1 week now, not banned, one of my mates have been hacking since december, and passed the ban wave, i think if you are worring about getting banned, don't, i trust this cheat and im hacking on the Edge Of Darkness edition ($139.99USD), i hope no BattleState Game developers read this, otherwise im fucked, manual ban me, xd.

Review:  Its a really great cheat!, i recommend it but their can be improvements on it, but for it to be public and not be detected, i give you guys all respect, all the other cheat sites are private for EFT, except one ( not going to name ), i would really like too see a No Fall Damage option in misc, so when you fly and teleport you dont take fall damage, maybe improve the ESP ads, and the friend system could be improved. I hate being picky and shit, when i should really be glad that i have this, and it is great. Sorry for poor english, not great at it. Thanks for a great cheat, hope too see improvements :D

Sorry if it isnt detailed enough or i missed a few things, pretty trash at english Edited by aNiickk
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