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My EFT Review


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I've only had the cheat for a few days but I've been loving it so far. 

ESP 10/10 Does what an ESP should do and is very easy to customize, doesn't lag behind the target when they're moving at all. I love how you can pick if you want to see inside the containers and if you want to see inside the containers if your crosshair is over it. Very easy and convenient when trying to look for a specific item. I'd like a option to ONLY see dead players and dead AI as well. Maybe you can and I haven't found it somehow but that would be great.

Aimbot 9/10 The Aimbot is great, it follows the target precisely and only lags behind minimally when they're full sprint. In my experience you can't have it snap to the closest bone it just snaps to what you set it to which is completely fine but I've always favored a more legit style whilst cheating. I also like the Instakill when dealing with Scavs, amazing that you can toggle it on and off easily as well. No recoil and No spread are also great to combine with everything if you're just looking to terminate everything in your path.

Movement Hacks 8/10 The only downside I can see is that you can't shoot whilst using the speed hack I think due to the lag or something. I've never experimented with the Super jump or anything but the Unlimited Stamina is really useful. The GUI in itself is very clean and easy to navigate as well.

The discord is full of helpful people as well, any questions that you have you can ask and someone will usually always be there to help you out and answer it for you. 

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