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CSGO - Thoughts After 1 Month.

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Aimbot 10/10
There is so much freedom in settings, allowing you to adjust it to exactly how you like it, personally I did not use most of the stuff, because in my opinion aimbot + silent aim combo is the most legit thing in the history of cheating, but there is always an option to make it very humane and just as strong without the silent aim as well. I really loved the ability to choose how much aimbot will aim normaly, and how much silently, really allows me to use bigger fov on silent, while being just as legit. The only thing was missing for my style is making fov scalability, for example if the fov was "2", thesilent aim wouldn't work at all at close range, but at long range sometimes you can miss his head by miles and the silent aim will still work, of course this is where normal aimbot comes and saves me, but certainly doesn't eliminate the issue as silent aim is still bad at close range, using higher fov makes it too strong however you can add delay, or smoothness to balance it out so really I don't even know why I'm complaining
Visuals 10/10
I have used plenty of other cheats that I shall not name them, but all of them had such bad visuals compared to chods. Most of them are just glow or chams with visibility checks that don't even work, or 90% of the time are incorrect. However this not the case with chods. The visibility checks are on point and to be honest I didn't explore much more as this is all I need, a good working visibility check esp. It's nice to have option to display player rank. 
Misc 8/10
There are so many of these, that I don't even know what half of them does lmao. From spinbot to showing enemy ranks on scoreboard, there is no point listing them for me as everything is written on cheat description. The only thing that was missing is showing who is spectating me.
HVH 3/10
Tried many different configs, that I even got myself banned as one of the configs used a feature that was not safe to use, so beware of this. Other than that I was really struggling against other cheaters, I either struggle, but win or get absolutely destroyed (16-0 etc.). Maybe configs were wrongly set up (even though i used many of them), but autoshoot had such big delay that I had to turn it off, because my own reactions were quicker.
Overall 9/10
I'm gonna say not intended for hvh, but for legit, very good indeed. The price is very reasonable as well. Can be hard to set up tho.

PS @Dexter My previous review was cancer, because I couldn't set it up properly. Therefore I'm not mad that you deleted it, just don't delete this one xD:) Edited by proropke
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Thanks for your review buddy! All the rage tab it's currently getting a rework as we speak. Chod is doing is best to bring back us in the HvH scene!

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