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EFT review


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ESP - 10/10 The loot esp showing within containers from a distance is beautiful.
Aimhack - 9/10 (sway is a little iffy, I find using iron sights is superior to most scopes)
Speed/Fly/Extras - 9/10 I did not expect to get these features, but they function perfectly fine. The teleport to exit doesn't seem to work however.

This menu was the first paid cheat I ever used successfully and I am incredibly impressed. The features are a solid 9/10, but the team behind the menu make it great.

My last attempt to use paid cheats was on DayZ Standalone. The website I used was a complete joke. Hack was detected and nonfunctional from before my purchase and only after spending 20 euros do I get informed that the hack is down. I paid for a month subscription and 12 days into it, I still haven't used been able to use the DayZ menu and haven't received a single notification of a patch. Of course, this is after spending 30+ minutes to attempt to make their ridicoulous system work. Compared to chods-cheats, deadc0deshop is a fucking joke and you should not spend a single second of your time or penny of your money there. If you have problems, the egomaniac administrator will either ignore you because it's an issue that cannot be fixed, or give you the classic "learn 2 read". Currently, the lead administrator and coder seems to have abandoned ship and taken the money with him. Scumfuck.

Rants aside, this website showed me what a quality menu looks like. And, how a quality service compensates their paying customers for patch downtime. Bravo. I cannot wait until Monday to rake up more M4's ;)

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