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With years of experience using hacks in many games this is my review after couple days/hours with the hack, and I tried EFT hacks from 2 different providers.

                   - 1440p, i7 6700K, GTX 1080, 16GB ddr4 Ram and SSD
                   - I get a hit, maybe 20% nothing game breaking for me. 80-90 fps without hack & around 60fps with the hack on ULTRA.

- ESP 9/10:
                    - Accurate
                    - clean, you can mod the colors etc
                    - surprise....ESP shows items in backpack and boxes/crates.
                    - I only found one thing to add, that I can see dead corpses names in order to know player corpses and loot them faster.

- Aimbot 10/10: 
                      - Accurate, you can choose between head and chest....while aimboting i turn around my mouse in order to hit leg, arms stomach etc in order to be more "legit"
                      - Instakill, well one shot one bullet one life 
:P Perfect
                      - No Recoil, No Breath, No Spread work like a charme. 
                      - No Silentaim maybe for the security reasons :D
                      - nothing
- Hack Launcher 10/10:
                      - Launcher: The way it work it gaves a sentiment of security since you pull out your USB before launching the game/game launcher.
                      - Security: There is an unique build server that is running 24h and update the footprint every 30min, it's not 100% safe but it's as close as it can be.
- Negative:
                      - I can't complain xD

I tried 2 EFT hacks from other providers...they always claim it's Undetected and it's us costumers fault that we get banned, even if you only use ESP and play as legit as you can get.
They claim that devs is monitoring your movement and "watching you", the way servers is struggling i doubt that.....and Chod's EFT hack is miles ahead. 
I really want to tell you not to buy this cheat and be selfish cuz I don't want to encounter you in EFT, but to be honest. 
BUY THIS CHEAT it's awesome
I only wanted to subscribe to EFT hack on this site, but man i was wrong.....now this is my future to go cheating site I hope 

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11 minutes ago, Oxyde said:

Thank you for your detailed review. We really appreciate those kind workds and we are proud to have such cool guy in our community!
Glade that you enjoyed our EFT Cheat.

11 minutes ago, zLenniee said:

Hello Mecha,
Thank you for your wonderful review and well organised. I agree with you on other cheating providers lying to their customers because i can confirm i've been raging with chods since their EFT anticheat release and still havent got banned :) 


Thank you 
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