Good job with your cheats guys!


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Hi everyone, 
bought the hacks today, and I’m having great time using it. I’m using ESP, no aimbot. Frame rate dropped a bit but I don’t care about that. Rate for ESP is absolutely 10/10: it does what it should do. You can see loot, what’s inside crates, players’ hp and a lot more. Fantastic. Aimbot on my first try did not work, surely it was my fault because now it works ten out of ten times. Instakill works when it wants to, let’s say about 50 maybe 60% of the time. Miscellaneous are very good hacks but in my humble opinion ( first time using hacks) a little bit shady, it can get you banned if some one like a mod sees you. Frame rate has gone down, without the hack I get 150+ fps on factory, now barely 80 fps, not a big deal for me. My rate for the hack are:

10/10 ESP
7/10 Aimbot
10/10 Miscellaneous 
It would be 27/30, I could advice my best friends buying it without any regret. For the fps issue my final rate will be 25/30 because for me it’s still very playable. If I’m not getting banned this month, definetly gonna buy it again. :) 

final rate 25/30 

EDIT: some more thoughts 

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2 minutes ago, Alessandro said:

Thank you for this product! Also, aimbot now works, 10/10. Tried some miscellaneous hacks but they are messy, better not using them to avoid getting banned. Do you play with aimbot? 

I do not play with Aimbot, it works, but really don't need it when you have instakill and unlimited ammo. 

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14 minutes ago, Alessandro said:

Well, good to know. What does instakill does exactly? 

Hi there,
Rather than waste your hard earned ammunition on trying to kill other players, just switch on our instakill feature and kill every player or bot with one shot from any weapon! Make sure you win, every time.

Glade you enjoyed our cheat! We are happy to see our customers satisfied when they use our product!


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