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My Honest Review


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Going into EFT, I averaged 80-120 frames running on high settings without using the cheat. With the cheat, however, I get MAX 9 frames on low settings and is literally unplayable. I don't understand why it takes so much of a drastic fps loss, but it does and makes the $20 I spent worthless. My current PC build is an AMD FX-8350, MSI GTX 1060 6 GB, and 16 GB of RAM. Maybe the newest Windows Update is tearing down my frames, but I would assume it would do the same without the cheat injected. Even on the menu, I get 9 frames like I'm currently in a raid with 40 people shooting all at once while grenades are exploding around me. 

Now about the cheat itself. I don't think it's that special. The ESP is pretty decent, it does what it should do. However, I think a customizable ESP should be a feature where you can change it to a glow/box/cham. That would be neat. The aimbot is not made for a legit play style. There is no option to have a "psilent" type aimbot where you don't snap on to a player's head or chest. This would help players out that want to make videos or stream without ESP. But besides that, it's good. From what I was able to watch and semi witness first hand, it tracks very well. With the exception of it not hitting all the time but that is manageable.

Overall, I think this engine needs to be optimized more than the game needs to be.

AIMBOT - 7.5/10
ESP - 6/10
MISC. - 10/10
FPS - 9/60

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Hi there,

Thanks you for taking your time to leave a positive review, we really appreciate it!
Also what romantic said it's true. The cheat needs to be optimized a lil bit, but our amazing coder (Chod) is doing is best to keep it secure and optimized.


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