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Best Cheat I have seen


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here is my review after 10+ days of use I am lvl 14, skier lvl 2 and prapor lvl 2, 500k rub 10k dollar, 35% win ratio(tried to play as legit as possible)

ESP : 9.5/10 I like the ESP very much it has a lot of settings(name,bot,backpack,weapon,visible,skeleton) and you can turn down every part of the esp. If you want no box or no skeletons you can do that you will need to find out some commands though but it was easy enough to find out, also able to change color and distance you can change item esp and player/bot esp separately which is very use full for lower spec PC. (Sound ESP added so you can seem even more legit)

Aimbot : 9/10 Aimbot does its job good aims pretty accurately only moving target it struggles with options for any bone type (legs, chest, head,...). Toggle able and click to aim are possible.

MISC : 9.5/10 Have not used all of them yet but I will assume they work and that there awesome they include No-clip, unlimited stamina, fast sprint, tp to exit(does not work at the moment), teleport, teleport items(only all items at the moment)(added night/day time changer).

I have used 1 Cheat from different site it got me banned in about a week, with this cheat I am about 10 20 days further on fresh account no ban, also love the settings UI much better than the basic Unity menu.
I will Give this cheat a
9.5/10 Hope I can cheat for a long time but as with every cheat bans are part of the business so I wont be surprised if I do get banned but VERY GOOD:x for now.

  Edited by Broodjekebap
Toggle when pressed aimbot is available, more aimbot,esp,timeofday options
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