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Escape From Tarkov Cheat [ January 8th, 2018 ]


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Aimbot - 7/10
  • With recent updates, the aimbot has been superb. However, it sometimes has trouble hitting heads.
  • I bound aimbot to left-alt with the setting "On when key pressed" and it still toggles. I have tried rebinding it multiple times and no luck. I am not sure if this is a personal issue or not, so I did not take off points.
  • Instakill still doesn't seem to work for me, but again, I am not sure if it is a personal issue or not so I have not deducted points.
  • Unlimited Ammo doesn't work with weapons with no ammo. I am not sure if it is possible to fix this, but it is not that big of a deal for me. I'm only a little sad because I have an RSASS and 2 DVL-10s that have no ammo so I can't use them. :(
ESP - 6/10
  • The ESP can be cluttery with some essential options activated, like Name ESP, which is essential due to my next point.
  • Name ESP not only lists the name but also tells if the player is AI or not- which I suspect isn't an actual AI/Player checker because it lists obvious players as bots (bots have Russian names, I believe, while players don't).
  • Other than the above points, the ESP is clean with certain options disabled.
Misc. - 10/10
  • All the misc features I have used have worked perfectly, except during the short duration of when the ETF update broke most features. I mainly use Unlimited Stamina and Fast Sprint.

Overall, I give the Chods-Cheats Escape From Tarkov cheat an 8 out of 10.

I will most likely buy this cheat again once my subscription expires. Thank you for creating this cheat. :)

Please correct me if I am incorrect in any of my points. Criticism is welcomed!
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