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Chances of ban


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So I purchased the limited edition package, I don't want to lose my account with the amount I have spent.  I'm wondering the chances of detection if I only use the ESP feature?

If I only use the ESP feature, considering its still possible to be detected - what can I do to make sure I won't get banned, give me examples?

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As the Admin said, you def should not be using this on the top of the line edition. While I've not got banned in the 2 months of using this, you never know what tomorrow will bring in terms of updates to their hack detection. It really doesn't have much to do with the features of the hack as it has to do more with the detection of the hack over all from their stealth updates, game companies will always find ways to detect systems, I'm sure there is a mole somewhere in the community that is trying to counter them as we speak. 

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On every cheat you use, also Punkbuster, there is ALWAYS a chance to get banned. Cheating is cheating, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not. You know the risk when you cheat!

I am pretty new in here with EFT, but as I can read, its undetected since release so lets hope it stays for a long time. But I have to say, fast fixes and updates on features. Gj

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3 minutes ago, shakshuka said:

Have there been any ban reports from current users of EFT cheats? I'm looking to buy the cheats but would love to know what the rate of getting banned is.

there was 1 ban "wave" and it was a long time ago. AFAIK right now no one got ban and chod is probably the only provider with a EFT cheat that dont lie and say the cheat is UD when it isnt.
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