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Bosnian Bill's review for Chod's EFT cheat


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This is gonna be a quick little review of chod's cheat for this game
I've never used a single chod hack before till today I'm usually using another provider who i will not mention as that may be against the rules.
Anyway they dont care for that providers EFT cheat so its always detected as its just something added on to a Master pack.
I wanna say good job Chod and anyone else who works on this cheat.. It works at least ESP wise even after an update/hotfix most just refuse to inject..
I dont use the aimbot or any obvious features to be honest the only thing i've really used is no recoil which works like a champ. So far after 4 days I have not been banned but I havent been the most legit looking we will have to see if I do it most likely will be a manual but I can say this.. it is undetected by the AC
The loot ESP is ok it needs different colors available for loot tho.. it gets hectic and confusing very fast.
Otherwise its a solid cheat and a trusted provider in my book
TL;DR ESP is great I dont use the aimbot/instakill/fly and loot esp could use a little work
Its a solid 8/10 cheat tho and I will continue my sub if I don't get banned
*if i get banned its not your fault its just cant afford another cheat copy* 
Anyway Thank you chod and anyone else, you made tarkov much more enjoyable for me.

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