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My Review for: Escape From Tarkov Cheat


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Let me start this off by at least telling you the requirement for using this cheat,
You are going to need a USB flash drive of some sort, to run the cheat off of. Luckily I had one sitting around I didnt use, but this might be 
useful to know before buying.

These cheats are BY far the BEST I have ever used in my time. Very clean abstract interface and simple to use. 

I have been using these now for about 1 week, no ban, no one really noticing. Now that to say, this doesn't mean you CANT get banned using these.
If you are acting dumb with them and teleporting to people, throwing grenades at them, using the aimbot and killing people obviously using cheats, don't be alarmed when you get banned.

Use them discretely. It's apart of knowing where the scav's/players are making your way to them and killing them in a way that looks legit. This is the best way to use them imo. 

I have over 3M+ roubles, over at least 10 M4's, just using this method. 

To sum it up, you are not going to find any other cheats out there, that are as clean and simple to use as these. Plain and simple. And for the price of 18$ USD, it's not bad at all, for one month. 

So for my review: 100% buy these.


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