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EFT Review (After One Month Use) 29/12/2017


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Before using Chods I was sceptical. I had used an cheat from iwantcheats for a different game and was banned within 24 hours of buying the cheat. Upon being banned I posted on there forums as every 'review' on there is positive. I was to find that if you mention the word banned on there forums they ban you and delete and all evidence that anyone using there software gets banned. Chods is nothing like this.

I have used the EFT cheat with confidence from day one. Using all the features and gaining a shed load of roubles and guns in the process all the way up to the player wipe and the updates the other day.

The software is quick, secure, works like a charm and definitely does what is says on the tin. I really rate this service and the cheat I purchased and I hope to purchase more in the future.

If you have reservations about Chods Cheats, DON'T!

Buy one, try it, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Cheers Chod! 10/10

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