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1 Month of Chods (a lot of salt can be found here)

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10/10 a lot of features good to customize

Aimbot (legit):
I don't know why but for me the aimbot was sometimes working and other times it did absolutely nothing.
Also it appeared to be not very smooth.
In my opinion you could buy other cheats for cheaper which have a smoother aim.

Aimbot (HvH):
Unless your opponent is using some outdated paste or one of those russian cheats no one cares and know about you are going to lose.
No matter how good your skills are you will lose.
The anti-aim can only be poorly Customized

Resolver is shooting fakes all day long and the Revolver isn't even working properly.
Overall it's pretty bad.

For me the HvH part in combination with the "#1 FOR LEGIT AND HVH" banner on the front page of Chods-Cheats.com + a mod or something like that saying that there will be a big update coming soon made me cringe a lot.
I don't care that there will be an update making this cheat good again. Give me results not just empty promises...

You maybe think that im just some random kid that has never played HvH before, like someone told me from the b1g chods-cheats community so I added some new pictures I made this month with a different cheat.
(it appears like they have been deleted by a staff. Not sure tho. If you want to see them add http://steamcommunity.com/id/end_me_irl/ )

After one month of Chods-Cheats for CS:GO I've come to the conclusion I'll NEVER buy it again.

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Go on Chods-cheats community post your funny x d look how retarded he is memes here.
That doesn't hide the fact that this cheat is worse then a good Ayyware paste

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22 minutes ago, Dexter said:

2nd: posting media of other cheats in a review ??

Maybe read through the  whole review first
22 minutes ago, Dexter said:

1st why you paste your review.

22 minutes ago, 4real said:

Copy pasted review I rate it 1/10.

Please provide the source of the review i pasted.

Edited by euop

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