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Call of Duty World war II

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Hi guys! This is my review about the COD WW2 Cheat of Chod's Cheats, change the game!! :D

Visuals: 9/10
It looks very nice, lovely to see.

Aimbot 8/10
The aimbot works well with me, I can not compare, because this is actually my first cheat. Never found problems with it, I recommend the aimbot only if you must obtain certain challenges, because it often stands out as you use it.

GUI(Interface): 10/10
The interface is so great, it's very well organized especially to persons who may not have many experiences here. It all speaks for itself. It earned a thick 10

Gameplay: 9/10
I experience this cheat as great, I also take the average. Hence a 9. I came here actually for the H1Z1 cheat, which is currently not available. Recently brought Chod and his team Call of Duty cheat out, which seduced me into buying the cheat. I certainly do not regret it ! : D

Would i recommend buying this cheat?
An biggie fatty 

This is my first cheat review :)
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