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Hey Im PhpBird3
You probably know me for my reviews.
I've been here for a while and I've decided to make a little giveaway.
So It's really nothing you guys are intrested in but, I'll try because its actually could be useful for hacking, so I guess why not?
Maybe some of you are doing some minecraft hacking and other stuff like that; well here's a little help for you:
Im going to giveaway 45 Minecraft Alt Accounts!
So If you think about it, its actually something... maybe just not that many people are intrested.
I got these accounts a pretty while ago, but never used any of them, so I just can't give much information about them.
Anyways all acounts are 

Non-Full Access  - Minecraft Accounts.

I belive all 45 of them.. Yep, and they all been purchused from https://superalts.com/  .


Just because they are "non-full access" you can still use them in EVERY Multiplayer Minecraft server!!! You just can't change the name, email etc...
I belive this is pretty useful for.. minecraft hackers?
Step 1: Like the post. If you didn't like it, and you would get picked, I'll reroll. muhahahah.
Step 2: Comment down something and DO NOT comment twice! Because I'll roll a number. From the top to the bottom your reply have a certain number. If it gets rolled, you won.
Step 3: If you won, I'll send you a text file via all the 45 accounts. - Enjoy.

1: I'll use good old Random.org to roll the winner number.

2: Here's a censored screenshot from the accounts: 

 The text file contains every account's Email + Passoword (IG)
Additional info:
I'll roll the giveaway this week, I don't know when I'll be able to be online and roll it + I'll wait until a certain amount of Likes + replies this post will get, so there will be enough "players" to be 1. worth the roll 2. everyone will have some chance not just like 50/50 or 25/25/25/25. 

Whats 100% is:
The accounts real, never been used.
I'll defenietly roll the giveaway this week.
Im thirsty.
I'll write more nice reviews
I wanna get invited. Chod plz

Have a nice day and good luck! <3

Edited by PhpBird3
making it good ;w;
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