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Escape From Tarkov Cheat Review


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Hey im PhpBird3
Im here to review
The Escape From Tarkov
I'll do my review based on the following, and I'll try to make it compact as I can so everyone can decide easily whether to buy it or not.
AIMBOT: 8/10 
Pretty nice, I don't really know what to say, Don't really tried it cuz I don't wanna risk ban, so I only use ESP. but still I'll APPROVE it :D
VISUALS: 8/10 
Very nice visuals, pretty old stylish, I don't mind it, maybe others will. Working prefectly, even for far distances. Loose points because for example it says Generic instead of dead body, I guess prob cuz its reading it and writing it from the game code right away. but I don't really care, got used to it. Worked perfectly I'll APPROVE
BANABLE?: 6/10 
Heard some poeple getting banned,After new update I don't really hear anything I haven't been banned with 1 day of ESP only pretty legit cheating. Pretty good i'll defenietly APPROVE
OTHER: 4/10
Not really many much more customization, I don't really mind it, but others will, so it lowers the score a bit, I don't care about it so i'll have to APPROVE it how it is.
Really enjoyable. Not too much experience, but already gets much points cuz there aren't many tarkov cheats out there, I was really looking forward to try one. Finally. :D It was pretty nice. Gained much loot. Fun. Loved it. Keep up good work Chod's team! :)  APPROVED ! :) 
FUN: 9/10
Very Nice! Simply amaizing! Loved to play with it. Fun, always good, finally a pretty perfect cheat for tarkov if we looking at it on a basic level. I 100% APPROVE
Should You Buy It? Yes, defenietly, if you like eft.

Yes. Pretty much thats all I have to say. Was a really fun experience. Already gets a lots of points in my eye, because there are literarry no other real escape from tarkov cheats out there. Really enjoyed playing with it, keep up good work Chod's Team!!! :)
Im looking forward to write a review soon on the COD WW2 Cheat aswell!
And Im also REALLY looking forward to test all of the chod's cheats aswell, I defenietly would If I would get invited :) ! Until then, keep up good work, stay tuned for my reviews and have a nice day.
I was
PhpBird3, and im flyin away xD
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lil' edit
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14 hours ago, rockylion1984 said:

Today I bought the cheat but I'm afraid to use it, I don't want to lose my account because it has the most expensive version, I just want the cheat to make the missions quiet.


If you want to play with the least risk, only use esp. Then ur really unlikely to get caugh cheating. ;)  Edited by PhpBird3
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