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EFT Testimonials ?


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So far it is the best cheat for EFT out there but, I don't like being a beta tester. and it needs a lot of improvement, I haven't used it except for one day because of the blue screens of death and low FPS but the game is new has a lot of bugs so I'm pretty sure it's hard to code for, what I would like to see is maybe some visible/not visible ESP shit even sound ESP and a good humanized Aimbot with some RCS so it looks more legit, I know this is not csgo, but I'm not about going in and rage hacking like a lot of people are I like to keep my account as long as I can so being as legit/closet cheater if possible is the best way or don't cheat at all

(I don't like being a beta tester) then why buy the game when it's in beta xD

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12 minutes ago, zLenniee said:

Thanks for the review my friend,
For the "visible/not visible ESP" do you mean like toggle? cause you can if you right click the box and bind it


Visible Enemies Color/not visible enemies color Edited by Kusu
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1 hour ago, zLenniee said:
2 hours ago, Kusu said:
Visible Enemies Color/not visible enemies color
ahh i understand, something like glow 

No dont think like glow... More like when they can be seen (no object infront of them) the esp BOX will turn a different color (lets say Green), and when the enemy is NOT visible (behind a wall or tree) the esp BOX will be a different color (lets say RED)... Therefor if you are walking alone on Woods and see ESP in the distance but you're not sure if they are able to see you, the esp box would be Green if they are visible and RED if they are not visible.
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