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EFT Cheat Review


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Here is my review of the escape from tarkov cheat.

First off the most important, the visuals

Visuals 8/10.
Visuals work smoothly and shows most of the important info for the game, does not seem to lag out your game at all, even on the big maps. 

Things that could be added: 
A green crate ESP
A fixed weapon displayer 
A way to determine between AI and actual players
Visual and hidden colors

Aimbot 5/10.
Aimbot works when it needs to, but it needs more features to it.

Other (Blatant modules) 10/10
Work really good, ALTHOUGH i would not recommend using them as of now, not because of the cheat itself, because of the game devs. The devs go out and do ban waves (To my knowledge) and you will get reported for using these, use at YOUR OWN RISK

Would I recommend buying? Yes. It seems to show potential to be great as it is good as of now. Seems like chod is putting in work to this cheat, always good to see.

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