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Welcome back & important information.


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So first of all let me give you all a warm welcome back to the number one cheat site on the internet!

What happened?

Well as you may already know we had an unfortunate set of circumstances, including being detected, cracked, then as if anything couldn't get any worse the site got eaten alive by the server. This was obviously completely unacceptable on our part and we can only appologize for this. Steps have been taken to ensure this never happens again.

What happened to my account and my VIP subscription?

An unfortunate consequence of the server error means the databases were lost. This also means your VIP subscription was lost, but it can and will be restored. All you will need to restore your account is your transaction id and your email address, we will then confirm your subscription and restore your VIP status. Due to me having to manually verify each and every subscription it may take some time but please be patient and we will get to you.

To restore your VIP status please visit this thread.

What about compensation?

Every member will be getting a free month extension to their account. <3

What else has changed then?

First of all you might have noticed the new member panel. From now on the member panel will be your hub for launching the client, requesting HWID resets and much more. The next change is that the decision was made to only support 64bit systems from now on. This decision has been made for a few reasons but it ultimately shouldn't affect you in any way. The client has also changed quite a bit, but the majority of it is internal and you shouldn't notice it, however the launch procedure has changed a bit. The client now only runs from a USB dongle and requires steam to be closed. It also is a little bit slower than it used to be but this is due to the improved security measures that are in place. You may find on the first start of the client that it takes a while to load, this is completely normal and it's vital that you do not close down the client. It can take a few minutes but it's performing some essential tasks that will ensure your safety. It will only take a long time on the first run.

The client is also designed to be downloaded on a per-use basis. So do not store the client anywhere on your PC if you do not need it. It should delete itself after being loaded so each time you want to cheat you must download it again.

So a final thought is, the new site may take a bit of getting used to, as always we welcome your input and we look forward to regaining our title as the leader in online cheating.

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Very nice improvement!

I should say it was never the cheat or the community that has any problems, it was just to bad to get detected and after that some other stuff happend.

But if you say you have a better security now and that is a priority, i will believe and test that out!

Keep up the good work!

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Seems like you haven't read carefully.

There was a problem with the host which caused the data loss.

And so my postcount dissapeared D:

But it's always good with a fresh start as a lot of content was outdated and could potentially cause detection (old cfg's)

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