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BF1 questions

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Hi there. I've been using the bf1 hack from iwantcheats but I'm having issues with one of their admins and considering jumping ship.

I have some questions about the loader and features which I couldn't find answers for.

Do you support DX12, or have a roadmap for DX12 for future games? I've observed 15-20% increase in fps between DX11 and DX12 on a 1080ti.

Nice headshot aimbot. Do you have a random bone feature to reduce the amount of headshots?

Is there a hotkey to change from head to body aiming?

I didn't see a 2D radar in the videos. Is there one?

I usually turn bounding boxes off. Is this possible?

Finally, I've had a lot of trouble with overclocks and hardware lately. I've swapped out 5 different motherboards (serves me right for overclocking xeons!) and still stabilising an overclock on a new CPU and motherboard combination. Do you have HWID locks like iwantcheats that requires an to reset when even the CPU frequency changes?


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