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hey im sklar, and no this isnt a bot making this (:
the cs go cheat id rate 9/10, but could very well be 10/10 except for one thing..
the visuals on this menu are fantastic, lots of colors and options, such as chams, boxes, esp, and more! so id rate it 10/10
the aimbot is a 9/10.. you may ask why? due to the fact that yes it locks on target wonderfully, but sometimes the bullets will not register/ i could be shooting someone at close blank and still miss. now is that chods cheat fault or mine? im not to sure
everything else : 10/10. the skin changer is awesome, would like the feuture of being able to change the gun to a solid flat color would be cool. but everything is perfectly working, and for that it deserves a 10/10. the missalaious (sorry for the misspelling) is awesome. i love the bhop fueture, as well as the others (circle strafe, aim, etc etc).
so finally down to themes, i may have the best config out there for style (; will be released soon. but everything is customizable and great!.
final thoughts : could improve the aimbot but not sure if its my fault or the cheats, and could add more color options to the gun skins! final score 9/10. hope yall enjoyed and i reccomend this cheat to everyone that plays cs go, its a game changer for sure!

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