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My Review on Chods Cheat CSGO

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Hey Guys

This is my review after almost 4 months of using chods cheat for csgo.

Legit : 9/10 I really love the legit bot that is available atm. its very confusing at the begonning but if you set it up right its simply amazing. What i would love to see is legit backtracking on the next update.

Rage : 9/10 The Rage aimbot is still very good to compete against other p2c and most privates/pastes out there. With all the features you have available its very easy to make yourself a pretty decent hvh/rage config. Also here i would like you guys to add more AntiAims with fakeangles and real angles. also the resolver needs an update (its still good but it needs an update)

TriggerBot : 10/10 the Triggerbot is just very easy to set up and has for a triggerbot a huge amount of options that allow you to play very legit with it.

SkinChanger : 9/10 its very good. But for my part i cant change the wear of the skin that i chose.

Menu : 10/10 Its simple and you find the things you are looking for.

Visuals : 10/10 There are all the features a cheat needs in its visual tab

Security : 8/10 It is still very secure but unfortunate that it got detected twice in one month.

As my finish i would say that I definately not regret buying it for 6 months. 

I hope to see the GTA V cheat in the near future :)

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