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Aimbot : 9.5/10 There are bug at times but nothing special.
TriggerBot : (I do not use the triggerbot)
SkinChanger : 9/10 Small bug but nothing prevents a perfect animation.
Rage : (I have never test)
Menu : 10/10 The menu is very nice...
Legit : 10/10 I use your hacks in stream and I can guarantee that level legit is very nice ! 
Visuals : 9/10 It us bug sometimes but nothing very special nothing prevents to have a good vision on the enemy.
Security : 10/10 It's been 2 months since i use your hacks and I've never had a problem vac.

TOTAL : 9.5/10 In spite of the small bug of the skinchanger and the visual and the aimbot this hack has a huge thing is that if you use it you risk nothing in the security
VAC and I can advise your cheats to my friends.
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2 minutes ago, Cheng said:

do i need USB

You should post in presale questions or use search bar :D but yes you need usb to be able to use client. Edited by justskills1

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