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Well to start off the cheat is decent, there are very few bugs and glitches, but the bugs brought up and are known about aren't being fixed quickly. I think the cheat personally is okay even though I have been getting bad luck with this cheat, it got one of my accounts vac'd when it got detected before it went to ring 0, the back to school sale started a week after I paid for my sub, and when it comes to hvhing and you face anyone that is good or has a good cheat and even with a good config you're not coming anywhere close to winning, you might win a few rounds or get close to winning if they're playing stupid or you're playing smart, but you're not winning especially against the obvious user of aimware, skeet, and mutiny with a good config that can just out aim you. A good config on any of these cheats, will make you probably not even win any more than a handful of rounds. You see I don't really care about hvh but I making a review on the whole cheat. The legit side of the cheat is pretty good, even though you have to change things around a lot adapting to how you play so it doesn't look obvious, which is good. Also there is very little to no patches done to the cheat other than fixing it to work on the latest game update as of recently. You can definitely tell this cheat is not a main purpose even though it has a lot of customs, I would say it is the most popular but I don't know the numbers. I feel like I am sort of getting my money's worth, but this is obviously not a good hvh cheat, and aimware is only $7 more a month and it is a way better cheat in the hvhing aspect. This is my review on the cheat. Thanks! 

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