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A Review By Zherlong

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Hi there I am Zherlong and this is my review about the CSGO cheat at Chod's Cheats.

I purchased CC on February 16 this year and it was the first cheat I have ever bought. It is a great cheat with a lot of features. I have been with this cheat for a few months now and sometimes shit happened like getting detected, cracked and even once the whole website is gone! But then it came back with even stronger protection for customers and I think it's getting stable now so I decided to write something I think about this hack. I will categorize the testimonial into smaller parts about each of the features of the cheat.

(Note: I am using Jumpz God/Lord Fuckruz/Lord Emiiru/Master Tory mixed config)

Triggerbot 10/10

This is one of the best part, as it is so power and fast, especially when using Deagle and AWP. I have tried other cheats and frankly speaking nobody can compare with CC's triggerbot. You will become so OP easily but don't play blatantly, and nobody will call you out for cheating.

ESP 10/10

U can see health, C4, players' names, boxes etc with ESP! It accomplishes its purpose 100%. Nothing to complain about.

Aimbot 10/10

One of the best aimbot I have used. It is so OP that you don't have to crouch down, and with a simple burst or tapping, the opponent will lie down in no time. With proper settings, nobody will suspect you cheating.

Community 10/10

The client is updated very fast as we have a very capable and hardworking coder. He is doing his best to protect customers. The replies in forum are also very fast. I've made a few friends here too. You can download settings from other users which is very LEGIT and DEADLY. You can modify them to suit your own style.

Client 8/10

Although the cheat is very simple to use, for the time being there are still some issues with some softwares and operation systems. But I think this will be solved soon. Most of the users including me can use the cheat and client without any problem.

Settings 10/10

There are so many settings you can adjust like triggerbot, aimbot, visuals, ESP, etc...and you can just save them in a cfg file. Very feature-rich and simple to use!

Security 7/10

This is the part everybody worries about because for the past few months, some shit happened too. But you can still prevent it by keeping an eye on the forum about VAC news. When there are reports about VAC, I suggest you stop using CC until it is solved. Our coder is very dedicated in solving security problems for us.

Total 9/10

Summary: One of The "LEGITEST" and "FEATURE-RICH" cheat on the market! CC is perhaps the best cheat you can find. It’s simple, powerful to a near-perfect level, and focused on customer security. I would confidently say it's got an extremely bright future ahead of itself, just like the CSGO game.

Edited by zherlong

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Thanks for the review zherlong.

I also fixed your config posts by adding [NOPARSE]

[/NOPARSE] tags around the config.

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I removed your configs post Zherlong.

If you would like to post that in the users submission section feel free, but those configs cannot be posted in the open like that.

Thanks for the review.

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