how do i renew my subscription please !?


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i want to renew and its not letting me renew is the problem ! ...

i click

Manage..(Is the only Option)

i see this

Counter-Strike Global Offensive VIP Forum Access

Expired  Product

Product Information

Thank you for purchasing our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive VIP subscription.

Here's some useful links to get you started...

  • The member's panel can be found here
  • You can download the client software from here
  • If you need to reset your hardware ID you can do that here
  • There's some guides to get you started here

We hope you enjoy your purchase and look forward to seeing you around the site!


anything i click will not give me permission ..

but if i click on Write a review ...
 (15 reviews)
9.99 GBP and 9.99 GBP per month
Requirements 64bit Windows DEP set to default windows value USB (Needs to show up as removable drive/USB in windows) Legit aimbot features Aimbot – Automatically aim at players Auto shoot – Automatically shoot when locked onto target Non-Sticky – Make the aimbot not stick when you...

  • Renewal Term REQUIRED
    • 9.99 GBP per month
    • 19.50 GBP per 3 months
    • 32.99 GBP per 6 months
    • 59.99 GBP per year
  • Add to cart

i select what i need and another error message..

You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so.
  • OK

so .. what are the steps to renew this !?
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