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Few Questions

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Hello Guys,

1 - Main account (steam) will it be banned that if i use a 2nd/3rd account, As i play legit on main 

2 - Is there instructions when payed for the item how to setup and do's and don'ts with cheat in-game.

Been 50 50 about buying these, only cause bored on main (LEM) and the amount of hackers i have seen is crazy, This is for fun on alt acc, So is it worth buying for fun and not to get higher rank at all, Just mess round and piss about



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1. You won't get banned on your main as long as you don't link the accounts by phone number. I've heard reports that even if you get banned on an account that used to have the phone number linked, the other account will still get banned. I'd recommend creating a brand new account and don't put any number on the account just to be safe.

2. I don't have the cheat yet, but friends who have had it before said that there is a thread with instructions on what to do. Here is a thread about what everything does in the cheat. As far as my experience goes, don't rage as the new anticheat will pick up highfov aimbot/AAs and send you straight to OW. Friend got banned within 30 minutes of a game, and I've lost several accounts to this. It isn't reportbots.

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1 i recommend you to restert the pc before logging to your main account.

2. There are guides in the vip area.

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