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Hello bois! We got some crisp clean lock here bois. o.O

So, I have been using it for the past 2 months and so far, I do not regret it. I must confess I was a bit mad/butthurted when it got crashed in these last two days, the chams issue because of Valve's update on the new models but that's because of my shitty personality of not liking to wait, haha! And, of course, my friends wanted me to play with them, because, I'm their idol. 9_9

I couldn't play and yeah, I got a bit impatient.

Besides that, I never had any issues with Chods, and it's clearly the best cheat that I've used so far. I have used so many known cheats for both legit/rage cheating and this one, is by far the one that I like the most.

Keep in mind, this is my own review. If there is something that I do not like, it is just my own opinion. I still love Chods and I am going to be a buyer forever.

There are no perfect cheats and it is by reviewing and criticizing that we improve as a community!

For rage cheating, I'd give it a 10/10 but for legit cheating though, I would give it a 3/10 due looking a bit sketchy. Even if I make a strong legit config, with a low fov aimbot, I will still get afraid of looking fishy. If they did some improvements to it, I would start using aimbot more often, but for now, I only use chams.

Good for rage cheating - 10/10 but bad for legit cheating 3/10, unless you do not like to tap the enemies. But everyone needs to tap in those kind of situations where you can only see their head. Unless you spray them down, but that way wouldn't be that good.

I would give trigger a 10/10 but I have never used more than once.

New user-friendly and looks amazingly good.

because it crashes CS sometimes. I've tried multiple times to configurate all weapons and I've noticed a bug; whenever we take a bit of time configuring, it will crash our CS.

VAC Security
Is there anything to say? Clearly a 10/10

9/10  because it bugs sometimes and the menu shows up (that is why we need to inject first and then open CS - but it doesn't work everytime, sometimes it bugs and I inject normally - by bugging, I mean showing the cheat in the stream).

10/10 if you are a good aimer, otherwise you'll have to use an extremely-low low-fov in order to not look sketchy.

7/10 Good for normal MM HVH but you won't stand a chance in no-spread.

10/10 Alot of nice people and amazing mods/admins. They are easy to communicate with and they help us if we have any issues.

TL;DR - Just buy it already. 

The only thing that I dislike and I hope to see a change in the near future, is the RCS/Aimbot and some bugs fixed like the skin changer getting crashed if we are changing the skins for a bit of time. Besides that, this cheat is perfect.

Thank you for reading! I hope you like my review, I am being fully honest.

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For tapping with RCS, I would suggest using the "Activate after x bullets", 1 is at least a good point to start at.

You should be injecting when the game has fully loaded, for streaming make sure the software is off, or the csgo scene.

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@Emiiru Totally forgot to mention that I need to close the software off, that is what I normally do to fix that. Also, thanks for the advice! Really appreciated.

And see guys? He took like 3 minutes to see & to reply to my thread. This is how fast their support is. xD
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Even though I'm using AW until my sub runs out in a couple weeks (then Ill buy chods), sometimes It does things that might look extremely suspicious to me. However, to everyone else, it looks completely normal. Trust me, I feel fishy as hell sometimes but it is just you. Your legit config may have looked totally normal to everyone else.

I think this is because you are aware of your movements and when the cheat "takes over" and does something, you think you just went blatant, but again, it looks totally find to everyone else.

Great Testimonial regardless!

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