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39 minutes ago, kdr723 said:

If there's a big enough market where we feel it justifies the time and money to effectively bypass their anti-cheat then we'll look into. But seeing as this is this the first Im even hearing of this league (even though Im no coder), I wouldn't hold your breath.

No problem! In fact is big only here, but who knows someday, maybe.
15 minutes ago, fantasy said:

You probably mean that they purchased their own client by EasyAntiCheat. EasyAntiCheat offers to make clients for people/leagues that offer good enough $. If that's what it is, then you're good to go. Challengeme did the same thing and the cheat worked fine on there for me.

Good to know that, but I do not know if they bought from EAC or really started something from scratch. Anyway, I think it's worth trying.

Thanks for replies. :D
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