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  3. twannyriverz2

    Best Way to Trade to Player

  4. twannyriverz2

    Best Way to Trade to Player

    i got a guy for u i buy from atleast 10 times a week for the past 6 months hes official
  5. Blyatokov

    I take my hat off to Chod and his team!

    Hi Nijo, actually there’s nothing you can do better imo. It was just me being a bit sceptical based on stuff I heard from some friends. Don‘t know which provider they chose, but one of them got banned instantly and the other one never received what he paid for. But after I googled chods-cheats (Trustshop) and checked the forum, I was pretty fast convinced that this is some serious stuff here: - polished website - good forums - good Customer Support - compensation - shoutbox - etc That‘s the stuff that makes newcomers like me feeling safe about it. Would recommend this to anyone of my friends who’s looking for the good stuff.
  6. cleancs

    Public Discord

    would love a link xox
  7. thats not a new price you just posted the same thing tuesday lol
  8. can u point me to ur daily config please i saw someone say it and i cant find it.. if u want to see what was said, it was posted tonight at 9:01 pm on the forum

  9. noturdad99

    Public Discord

    link pls
  10. robowns123

    How to get invited to private discord

    Looking for an invite, thanks.
  11. Kleaner


    Hey man, enjoy your stay! This community is super helpful!
  12. WRG


    You don't need to be in the Discord to purchase a subscription, just head over to the Store section here: https://chods-cheats.com/store/ But if you're interested in joining the Discord then please refer to this thread: https://chods-cheats.com/announcement/13-public-private-discord/ I hope you find this community as welcoming as I have and enjoy your stay, happy cheesing!
  13. WRG

    Honest Hybris Review

    Glad your enjoying it, thanks for the review!
  14. WRG

    EFT Feature Showcase

    Like @sofly1911 said, safe mode just prevents you from using rage features. If you feel confident enough to hide the cheat while playing then you can disable it but it just allows you to use all features in the cheat instead of just the not so rage like features.
  15. Mael

    Public Discord

    One Discord invite, please!
  16. Mael


    Greetings programs. I come in search of an aid to stop me from getting murdered every 5 minutes and this looks like the place to do it. Now I just need to figure out how to get to the Discord.
  17. BICBOI what happened with your discord? Message me when you're around man :X

  18. Lopo

    EFT Feature Showcase

    Thank you! I've kept it on all day but thanks for clarifying. I definitely won't be taking it off lol
  19. Hanfkeks

    Honest Hybris Review

    nice review Thanks
  20. DaleVsWorld

    Public Discord

    I'd like an invite =]
  21. sofly1911

    Never Banned

    Okay best of luck to you. try not to make it obvious.
  22. sofly1911

    EFT Feature Showcase

    It turns disables features that are kind of "unsafe" to use. like no breath and no sway.
  23. sofly1911

    Current Feature List

    That is wrong. It is not disabled.
  24. RudSec

    Hello Everyone

    Came across this site on a random discord, I'm really interested in seeing what this site has to offer. I'm mostly a design person, but I do tend to make some nifty marcos and ahk scripts on my off time.
  25. Nick_VoV

    Site won't let me purchase product

    Yeah that's what I ended up doing. Thank you for the input though!
  26. Yesterday
  27. Lopo

    Public Discord

    May I have a link please?
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